Performance Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Performance Marketing is a proven and successful marketing model whereby advertisers pay only for performance, as the name implies. Performance can be measured through metrics like sales, lead generation, clicks, membership drives and so on. The beauty of Performance Marketing is that Advertisers do not simply invest lots of money into "blind" marketing campaigns where the returns are not immediately verifiable and quantifiable. AsiaClickz has over the years built up a very comprehensive and robust Performance Marketing system where Advertisers can implement almost any type of innovative marketing models.

AsiaClickz is one of the pioneer of Performance Marketing leading back to the early days of the Internet. The AsiaClickz's team has been running affiliate marketing since 2001. Another strength of AsiaClickz is our focus on the Asian markets. Our network of Super Affiliates can provide millions of eyeballs to our advertisers focused on the Asian continents.

If you are an advertiser looking for a proven and cost-effective way to maximize your return on ad dollars, talk to AsiaClickz today! As an advertiser, you can also simply find out more about our suite of Advertiser's services available.


Publisher and Site Owner Services.

AsiaClickz offers Publishers and Site Owners a great way to enhance revenue for their websites. We believe that in order to sustain a long term relationship with our publishers' network, we have to build in a win-win model. AsiaClickz's publishers and site owners will be able to earn valuable and sometimes lucrative commissions from sales referred to the Advertisers' products and services.

If you are a publisher or site owner who are interested to enhance revenue for your website, sign up with us today. Alternatively, you can check out more about our suite of Publishers' services.