Publishers and Website Owners

AsiaClickz offers publishers and website owners a way to increase revenue for their websites. AsiaClickz offers a performance-based incentive model which rewards publishers for effectively referring a customer to any of the advertiser's products and services.

How it works? A publisher puts up our link which can be an image banner or a text on a suitable location on the publisher's website. Whenever any of the visitors click on the link, he or she is directed to the advertiser's website. If the same customer fulfills a performance-based criteria (such as a lead generation or a sale), the referring publisher will be credited with a commission.

When will a publisher be paid? AsiaClickz will pay publishers their due commissions at the end of the month through PayPal or cheque. The minimum amount for payout is SG$50.00 or US$35.00.

Running a high traffic website? AsiaClickz offers a Publisher Concierge plan for publishers with a high traffic site. A site with a minimum of 1 Million impressions a month is considered high traffic. The Publisher Concierge plan will offer priority support to these publishers as well as a more flexible payout schedule.

Don't have any website? Signup and agree to receive and read short messages (sms) on your mobile phones. Earn a commission for every sms read.

There is no fee to join as an AsiaClickz publisher.

Please note that priority approval will be given to a publisher with a predominant Asian-based traffic.