AsiaClickz offers Advertisers a cost effective way to maximize their marketing dollars through Performance-based Marketing. Many businesses invest their precious marketing dollars on traditional media like TVs, radios and web banners. There is not really a way for businesses to measure their Return on Ad Dollars.

Wouldn't it be better if businesses expend their advertising dollar only when a sale has occurred? This is the essence of performance marketing.

At AsiaClickz, our focus on the Asian consumer markets help Asian-based businesses target their most relevant markets and increase returns in the most cost-effective model.

Benefits of using AsiaClickz

1. We have been doing Performance-based marketing since 2001.
2. A great and passionate customer support team.
3. Provides advertisers access to millions of consumers in the Asian markets.
4. Proven technology ensures 99.99% uptime for online campaigns tracking.
5. We ensure a superior cost-benefit ratio versus traditional marketing.
6. Weekly or Monthly Performance Reporting.
7. Many satisfied customers using our technology to run their marketing program.

AsiaClickz Plans

AC Connect offers Advertisers a comprehensive web-based Performance Marketing campaign. We will work with the advertiser to plan the various KPIs and the marketing initiatives. The aim of AC Connect is to connect our Advertiser's products and services to the market and drive sales and acquisitions through our publishers. Contact Us to find out more.

AC Reach offers all the benefits of AC Connect. In addition, we will offer innovative viral marketing models, word-of-mouth buzz and other Performance-based marketing models to drive interest and maximize reach for our Advertiser's products and services. Contact Us to find out more.

AC 360 offers all of the benefits of AC Connect and Reach. In addition, it also includes innovative mobile marketing Performance-based model. Advertisers will be able to reach millions of mobile users through AC 360. This plan offers Advertisers an all-round touchpoints to target their markets effectively through the web and mobile. Contact Us to find out more.